SARS-COV-2 Fogging Service (Corona Virus)

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Fogging is used to maintain the highest standards of hygiene protecting your employees and public users. Why and where are fogging machines effective?

  • Fogging machines will destroy 99.9% of harmful airborne bacteria and infectious organisms that rest on all surfaces.
  • Our fogging machines have a vast range making them perfect for large areas.
  • Results are quick and significant.
  • It is used in all commercial, industrial and retail settings such as theatres, hospitals, nursing homes, offices, sporting venues, lecture rooms and schools etc.
  • For sanitising public transport of buses, trains, stations and aeroplanes.
  • Used wherever large throughput and numbers of people gather.
  • For agricultural uses in yards, dog kennels, stables, warehouses, factories, barns, farms etc.

Currently, we are covering the Milton Keynes and surrounding area, please call for details.

Pricing is shown in 30-minute increments (1hour minimum), with a discount for multiple purchases. Please call to discuss area applications.




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